Alex's blazer and hanging it up again while I waited for him and he rejoined me eventually in the living room looking more casual in jeans and T-shirt and that checked shirt from earlier. anal beeg I decided to let him off with it for the beeg porn time being. "That was not funny." "Sure beeg..com it bee was." "You could have damaged me for life." He grinned at me. "That would have been a shame." I beegxx said winking and casting my gaze crotch-wards. "Sorry, Alex." "So are you ready to go?" He asked ignoring me completely. "Are you going to put shoes beeg come on?" I nodded at his feet. "Yes, mom, I'm going to put shoes on." He replied beegs sarcastically, shaking his head at me. "Of beeg.coom course, I can't actually find my boots. They were in here yesterday." "Oh. I tidied up a beeg hot bit." I looked suitably contrite. "They're in the bedroom." beeg He gave me a dazzling grin. "Do you know you're doing that?" "Doing what?" "Saying 'the' bedroom instead of 'my' bedroom." He cocked his head on one side and I looked at him blankly, I hadn't been free porn beeg aware of doing it at all. "And when Meg was here you called it the 'spare' room and not 'Alex's' room." "You over-analyze." I muttered, embarrassed by this observation, and www beeg.com in self-defense I accused him of the very thing I was most guilty of myself. But he was right, I mom beeg had, and internally I was proud of myself for doing it, even xnxx beeg if it wasn't intentional. Especially if it wasn't intentional! "Yeah right." He snorted and then clapping beeg sexxx his hands together he started barking beeg porn commands at me like .beeg some sort of beeg com drill instructor. "C'mon, Thomson, let's hustle. Move your lazy butt." I was followed around until I was www.beeg..com dressed to leave, then a bag beeg..com was thrust into my arms and we were heading for beeg the xxx beeg car, leaving the cozy apartment behind for a long drive to only Alex knew where. We chatted sporadically on the drive, he seemed beeg gesetz to be studying the road beeg xxx pretty intently, and beeg moms I got the story of what had happened that day. Seemed it hadn't been an ordeal at all, he'd met with the trustees and they had been impressed with begg the testimonials he had provided and with his seeming commitment to digging himself out of trouble. He had even been praised for acting so www.beeg com quickly to rectify the situation. Then they had just sat around chatting about the old days and about our chances in various sports this year, as though they'd known him his whole life. "Look out for a turn-off on the right would beeeg you?" Alex asked me after we had been driving for around four hours and the roads had taken on a distinctly rural look. The one we were on now snaked through the trees climbing gently into the hills, undeniably pretty but where were the people, the buildings; damn it where was Starbucks? There were, like, animals and stuff out here, and not cute furry ones either, big scary xxxbeeg ones. "Where in the hell are www beeg.com you taking me, Meriwether?" I asked him as I kept my eyes open for this alleged turn off. "To Alaska?" "Not quite." He flashed me a grin and returned his concentration to the road. "I give up." I told the car generally, it didn't answer. Then I caught sight of a break in the trees up ahead. "Is that your turn-off?" I asked pointing to it, praying this journey beeg. com was almost over and I could take a leak. "Must be. Well spotted, Lieutenant Clark." I was impressed, I had thought when he ignored my 'Lewis' crack it was because he hadn't understood it. We turned off what I will, laughingly, call the main road and onto one that was little more than a dirt track which soon disappeared among the trees ahead. I began to worry, it was a little too 'Blair Witch Project' out here for my liking, where in the hell were we going? beegxxx We had brought beeg lesbian nothing with us for camping out, I thought as we bounced along, beeg xnxx it would be pretty typical of Alex to set off on a camping trip and forget his tent. "This is it!" Alex suddenly said, excitement in his voice as we entered a clearing, I yanked my attention from the trees and looked straight ahead. It was a fair size clearing and at one side of it, perched near the edge beeq.com of a cliff was, well, beeg.com a log cabin. Trees surrounded us on three sides, on the fourth the ground dropped away dramatically affording an absolutely spectacular view. This was the last thing I had been expecting and I simply sat and gaped at the scene before me. "What do you think, handsome?" He said bringing the car to a stop near the steps of mom beeg the cabin. "Wow." I said, turning to look at him. "Wow. It's amazing Alex. How did you find this place?" "It's Blair's uncle's place." He beeg . said, beaming at my expression. "He said I could borrow it for a few days, look, keys and everything!" He held up a set of keys and jangled them in front of my face "I'm impressed." "C'mon let's get the stuff inside and go sit on the porch for the sunset. The view down the valley will blow your mind." He clambered out of the car, stretching his legs and swinging his arms about to relieve the stiffness in his shoulders. I made a mental not to look beeg.con into that for him later as he popped open the trunk and handed me a beeg. box full of groceries. "When did you get this?" "After the trustee thing." He flashed me a grin. "I'm not as disorganized as you think. Blair said the https //beeg.com place'd be stocked with basic stuff, but I didn't want us to starve." "Again, I'm impressed." I felt a tiny pang of guilt at my earlier uncharitable thought about his organizational skills. I accepted the box with a little shake of my head and waited patiently as he hooked one of the bags in my fingers beeg porn videos hefting the other two himself in one hand. He slammed the trunk shut hurriedly and trotted lightly up beeg gesetz the steps to unlock the door. On closer inspection this place was beeg mature no basic log cabin, it was solidly built with stone foundations and beeg beeg looked really well maintained. The key turned in the lock and Alex motioned me ahead of him pulling the door closed as he followed me in. I heard him put down the bags and then there was a click and the room was flooded with light, so we had electricity at least. We were standing in a large room that apparently beeg mp4 occupied most of the first floor, serving as living room, dining room wwwbeeg and kitchen all in one and dominated by a huge stone fireplace and chimney. To the rear were two doors, one of which I assumed led to the bathroom, and a set of stairs leading up into the rafters beeq.com where I guessed we'd find the bed. Opposite us was another door which beeg-com presumably led out onto the porch beeg x I could now see through the picture window and the spectacular view beyond. "Well?" "You did good, buddy." I grinned at him, dropping my bag and moving to put the box in the kitchen beeg videos before my arms porn beeg were pulled off. It was cold in there. "Why don't you see about a fire while I put this stuff away?" "Okay." He replied, placing his bags beside mine and heading away anal beeg from me to the fire place. I found a well laid out kitchen, all modern equipment beeg black and an ample supply of canned beeg milf food. Swinging open the fridge I was astonished to see a bottle of champagne chilling in there and a box on the top shelf held shut with a rubber band. A note had been slipped under the rubber band, so I slipped it free and read it. 'Happy birthday, Ryan, I told you beeg.c he was one of the good beeg moms ones, didn't I? Welcome to paradise, have fun! Blair. PS Don't do anything I wouldn't do. PPS Actually, www.beeg strike that, do lots I wouldn't do, and often!!' I burst beeg anal out laughing, startling Alex who was rooting around looking for matches. "What?" He asked, looking at me beeg/ quizzically. "Blair's been up here. He left us champagne, a note, and..." I paused to pull the box teen beeg from free porn beeg the fridge and examine the contents. "And, would you believe, sushi?" "Really?" "Really." I tipped the box a little so he could see from where he was standing. "What a great guy. Listen to this..." I read Alex the note and he laughed hysterically at it. "He's a good friend." Alex said with beeg lesbian a fond expression when he had stopped laughing. "Yes, he is." I beeg sex replied nodding firmly and then, with a www.beeg com shake of my head, returned to putting away b eeg Alex's beeg hd groceries. He had brought good practical things like bread and milk, enough vegetables to make a pretty impressive salad, pasta, cans of soup, a bag of coffee bee and a few bottles of wine as well as various beeg xx other odds and ends, including beeg . a box of candles. With what was already there, and the meat I discovered in the freezer, we would be hd beeg eating pretty well during our stay. By the time beeg free I was done putting stuff away Alex beeg x had got the fire started, it wasn't roaring, but it was well on it's way. beag.com I beegporn found a corkscrew in a drawer and opened one of Alex's bottles, pouring us each a glass and wandered towards him. "I think that's beeg free lit." He announced straightening up and accepting a glass from me. "So what about this sunset you promised me?" "Of course." He smiled broadly and took my beeg massage hand leading me out onto the porch where we sat in the dwindling light on a swing and looked down over the valley as the sky turned a brilliant peachy-orange, dwindling through red and pink to violet and finally beeg teen black. beeg anal It was quite a beeg coom sight, and beeg.c I relaxed against Alex as he slipped an arm round my shoulders and xxxbeeg enjoyed the utter silence there with him. In beeg mp4 the far distance I could see the twinkling lights of a small town, reminding me how far we really were from other people, the strongest light was from the moon beeg porche and its hazy reflection on the lake at the valley floor. Every so beeg tubes often there was a small rustling from the trees and once I heard beeg.com/ an owl, I don't think I have ever been as beeg.com/ far from civilization, or as happy to be so. beeg com "Thanks Alex, this is the best present ever." "I beeg. haven't given you your present yet." He murmured looking down at me with a wink. "Let's go inside before it gets too cold." We returned on beeg poto stiff legs to the interior of teen beeg the cabin which was now pleasantly warm from the fire which Alex proceeded to build up with logs from a basket. "Don't want this going out. They'd beeg xvideos find our frozen bodies up here in Spring." "What?" "I'm kidding, city beeg xvideos boy." "It wasn't funny." "Shall we eat?" He grinned at me. "All this wilderness living has made me hungry." He winked at me, he found www beeg com it amusing that I could consider this well appointed xnxx beeg little beeg milf cabin as the wilderness, but cut me some slack I was born beeg sexxx and raised in a city. "Sure. What?" "Let's leave the sushi, just now, Blair said there'd be steaks in the freezer?" "There are." "Okay, well defrost them in the microwave and I'll put www.beeg com the bags upstairs?" "Fair enough." I left him to deal with the unpacking indian beeg (almost certainly a mistake) and shucked my jacket to make a start on dinner. I decided on baked potatoes and quickly got the oven on while I mom beeg defrosted www.beeg.com the meat. A light salad to accompany was the order of the day, and the rest of the bottle of wine I had opened. I figured I could have a pretty hearty meal for two beeg porno ready in under an hour. Alex came down from unpacking and sat sipping his wine and chatting to me as I cooked and in no time at all we were tucking into the steaks with a second bottle. "Remember that night?" He asked, gesturing at the wine. "When I cooked and we both got so drunk?" "Vividly." "Well, to that night, the beginning of all that's right in my beeg hd life." He raised his glass in a toast. "And mine too." I added, clinking my glass against his. When we finished, Alex instructed me to go and sit by the fire while he took care of the dishes. I wanted to leave them until the morning but he said he was damned if he was going to have me washing dishes on my birthday. I decided to acquiesce this one time and settled myself comfortably on the rub, my back against the couch, kicking off my shoes and wriggling my toes contentedly in front of the flames. I was pleasantly drunk, sleepy and thoroughly relaxed and I barely noticed the passage of time until Alex was beside me, poking the fire and adding another log. Finally he too kicked off his boots and sat beside me. "This is wonderful." I murmured, allowing myself to slide sideways .beeg and rest my head on beeh his shoulder. "I beeg hairy could get used to it." He whispered back. We stayed like that until we finished the wine, then he took my hand and stroked it gently as I began to doze. I don't know how long we stayed like that, but beeq.com I was brought back bee to the present by the sound of Alex's soft voice beeg hot speaking to me. "C'mon, sleepy head, let's get y'all into bed." The fire had died down a little, but there was a fresh log on it and he had placed a screen in front of it. "'kay." I murmured, still half asleep I allowed him to pull me to my feet and lead me up the stairs to the bed. It was a huge pine affair with crisp white sheets and a multicolored and obviously hand-made patchwork quilt. We changed in silence and slid, gratefully under the cool sheet and the blissful weight of the blankets and the quilt. I beeg porche remember nothing after Alex snuggled up against my back, beeg sex video wrapping his arms around me, and kissed me on the cheek. I wriggled a little to make myself more comfortable, allowing him to all but cover me with his body. "Night, Ryan." "Ng." I replied intelligently and was asleep almost immediately beeg video thereafter. To Be Continued sex beeg Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 00:13:59 +0100 From: Ardveche beeg sex video Subject: Educating Alex 9 APOLOGY ======= Yup, Chapters 7 and 8 were absolutely riddled with typos, but all 15,000 words were hammered out in a fairly short space of time. No excuse for not proofreading, I know. Hopefully beeh there will be b eeg fewer in www beeg this one and, hopefully, I can get to the end beeg sexxx of the weekend without sprawling into beeg/ yet another beeg xx chapter. I'm getting mixed signals https //beeg.com about "y'all" with opinion being divided on whether it is or isn't acceptable as a singular, so I'm stopping using it as I'm fed up replying to emails about it. Once again, beeg mp4 I www beeg com am very keen tube beeg to get EA finished so I can beeg 18 get on with the business of writing beeg mom Crux Chapter 2. DISCLAIMER ========== This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons beeg come living or dead is entirely coincidental. The author asserts wwwbeeg all legal and moral rights (copyright (c) 2001 beeg x - www.ardveche) to this work and you may not copy it or transmit it in any way except in its entirety and with this disclaimer. This story features descriptions of sex between adult males: - if such material is prohibited in your jurisdiction, please DO NOT READ ON, - if you're under the legal beeg indian age to read such material, please DO NOT beeg xx READ ON, - if beegxx you don't like, or are offended by such material, please DO NOT READ ON. Now, if everyone who is still here is meant to be here or at least aware they shouldn't be, let's get beeg.con on with it. All comments are welcome and gratefully received beeg vids (email them to ardvecheardveche). EDUCATING ALEX IX beeg vids ================= We were supposed to hd beeg drive home on Sunday, so Saturday was really our last day in the cabin and we were agreed that we should make the most beeg sex of it. That said, we did both sleep late on Saturday morning, wasting much of what turned out to be a lovely crisp clear day. Somehow, though I knew I should, I just couldn't bring myself to draw away from Alex and get out of bed. I rolled onto my side to find Alex propped on one beeg xnxx elbow watching me calmly, those wonderful brown eyes fixed on my face. As I rolled towards site beeg.com beeg beeg come him, he allowed himself to smile a little at me. "Morning, sleeping beauty." He murmured, his voice low and deep. "Hey, you." I reached out and ran one hand down his arm, tracing the lines of his muscles. "Ho do you feel?" I was concerned about the previous night, it being Alex's first time and still amazed that he had gone through with anal beeg it, and more amazed that it had been his idea. "A little sore." He shrugged and then smiled beeg ass more broadly at me. "But a good kind of sore." "Yeah?" I waited for him to go on. ""Yeah. I enjoyed it." He paused and beeg jepang chewed beeg moms on his lower lip again. "So I guess there's no doubt about it any more, huh?" "About what?" "Guess I am gay." "Alex..." "Shut up, Ryan. I know you want to try to make me site beeg.com beeg feel better tube beeg with your bullshit about not having to apply labels, but I am what I am and at least I now know what that is." "But, beeg.coom Alex..." "And." He went on, pressing one finger against my lips. "I'm happy about it. I'm happy to be gay, and I'm happy to be with you. And, well, and I'm proud of it too." There didn't seem to be much more I could say after that, so I beegcom abandoned my efforts at speaking, he had left me dumbfounded and I had no idea what it was I wanted to say anyway. So I contented myself with smiling at my boyfriend and moving closer to kiss beeg mature beeg massage him softly on the lips, Alex responded by wrapping one strong arm round my back beeg.com/ and drawing me beeg..com towards him in a long, tight embrace. "You've hd beeg really opened my eyes, Ry." He begg told my neck. "You've made porn beeg me really, truly happy." "You've made me happy too, Alex." I whispered back. "More than I can say." "So, about last night?" He began hesitantly. "What about it?" I asked after his pause drew out into a prolonged silence. "It was, well, different." "You said." "And kinda fun." He trailed off beeg indian into silence again. "But..?" "But, please don't be mad at me, I don't think it's really my thing." He finally blurted out, xxxbeeg pulling away from me a little beeg tube and hanging his head. I looked at him in silence for a moment or two and then burst out laughing, and my laughter only got louder as he looked up at me with confusion in those dopey eyes. When I had control of myself again, I reached out beeg milf and ran my fingers through his short blond hair with a beeg movies beeg vids fond smile. "Silly boy." "Huh?" "It's not my thing either, stud." I smiled more beeg videos broadly at him. "Did you enjoy it, you know, the first time, when you were doing me?" "Oh yeah!" The smile on his face was deeply goofy now and I had to laugh again as he nodded his head up and down rapidly. He reminded me of a cartoon character. "Well, that's the way I prefer to do it." "But last night, you enjoyed that too, right?" He looked puzzled. "You seemed to be, I mean you seemed pretty good to me. Didn't you like it?" "Yes, very much. How could beag.com I not, have you looked at yourself lately?" "So, why, hang on, wait, I don't understand, if you're, well..." Not much of a sentence, but I think I got беег his point. "Look, Alex, remember my 'bullshit' about labels?" He nodded, so I continued. "I don't buy that 'top' and 'bottom' shit. I'm beeg.coom sure some people only ever assume one role or beeg 4k the other, but I don't believe they're incapable of enjoying the other one, I think they're posing. I think there are people who don't think they're really gay unless they get fucked, and I think there are others who don't think they're really men if they do." "So what does that have to do with us?" "Well, beeg 18 I prefer being a bottom, beeg .com free beeg I enjoy it very much, but from time to www.beeg.com time I like being the top beeg porno instead. You, it seems prefer being beeg/ the porno beeg top, but beeeg you're willing to beeh be the bottom too, on occasion. Right?" "Yeah, I porno beeg think so. Yeah, right." "So relax, go with it, do what seems fun at the time. I don't expect us to be fifty-fifty top and bottom in bed. I expect us just to be lovers, no labels, no expectations, no roles. Let's just do what feels good and forget about it." "Maybe the www beeg label thing is kinda dumb." He finally allowed after he had looked at me quietly for some time and digested what I had said. I knew Alex was struggling to come to terms with a lot of aspects of our relationship trying, albeit unconsciously, to fit us into traditional male and female roles - unsuccessfully. "Yup. You're a man, I'm a man. We love beeg hindi each other, we have sex with beeg coom one another. End of discussion." "Okay." "So what do you beeg.com want to beegs do porn beeg today?" "Laze around with my boyfriend." He murmured, stroking my site beeg.com beeg chest lightly. "I should go call him." "Bastard." beeg porche I slapped his hand sharply. "Okay. What I want to do today is whatever you want to beegxxx do today." "Alex, c'mon you've done enough for me already." I sighed at him. "What do YOU want to do?" "Well, I could beeg hairy really go for something to eat. Then maybe go for another walk, take it easy, enjoy our last day away from the city." "You miss living like this, huh?" beeg beeg "Like this?" He grinned broadly at me and chuckled lightly. "You're too funny, Ryan. My folks don't live like this." He adopted the thickest hillbilly beeg black type accent imaginable. "We live in a modern house, with wwwbeeg 'lectricity and a phone, runnin' water and ev'thin', hell even one of them newfangled inside toilets. It's not like the Clampett's shack." "Sorry." I said a little shamefacedly, I knew he didn't live in a shack, but I just imagined him in less sophisticated surroundings. He laughed aloud at my contrition. "Do you know what my father does for a living?" "He's a farmer isn't he?" "Yes. What does that mean to you? Couple fields, one ratty looking cow for milking?" "Um." "You need to come visit me at home, over the Christmas b eeg vacation, buddy." "I'd like that, but wouldn't your parents..." I trailed off completely. "I'll deal with them. They're gonna have to be told eventually. I can't pretend you're just my friend, that wouldn't be right." I had to admire him then, he seemed so beegporn sure of himself, and his sense of fair play was just wonderful, he was going to come out to his parents so I didn't have to pretend just to be a friend of his. That was kinda touching. I decided to let the subject drop for the time being. We finally hauled ourselves out of bed and got dressed about twenty minutes later and had beeg poto a pleasant breakfast, well more like lunch, in the cabin's little kitchen. After that, we did as Alex suggested and went for a walk, it turned out there were a number of clearly marked and well maintained paths through the woods and a few cabins like ours within easy walking distance. It was a testament to whoever had built them all that you would never have known you weren't the only person beeg black out there unless you went looking. As it happened, most of beeg hindi them were empty, just the wrong time of year for beeg sexxn their owners to be using them, I suppose. But the additional privacy, which on Thursday had seemed so intimidating and remote, was now quite comforting. As he had the previous day when we walked down to beeg hairy the lake, Alex seemed a little subdued, absorbed in his own thoughts. beeg tube He talked easily enough, answered questions and participated in the conversation, but the answers were short and the pauses were long. beeg indian I didn't make an enormous effort beeg hindi to keep him talking, it was pleasant enough just beeg tube to beeg 4k hold his hand and walk with him, enjoying the quiet companionship. We stood for some time by the edge of the water skipping stones across the surface, Alex won that of course, mine sank like, well, like stones. беег At one point he seemed to pull himself together and flashing me an apologetic grin he pulled me to him, throwing his arm around my shoulders. I slid my arm round beeg porn videos his waist and that's how we walked back to the cabin. That night we beegcom did nothing, we ate a simple dinner and then sprawled in the living room and talked quietly. I lay on the couch and Alex sat on the floor in front of me beeg ass in what was a familiar pose for us, I draped beeg anal one arm over his shoulder and down his chest, using the other to play with his hair. beeg teen beeg. com It was a pleasant and relaxing evening, the only fly in the ointment was Alex's continued pensive silence, and eventually I cracked. "Okay. I give up, beeg. com what's wrong with you?" I finally demanded, giving beeg hd his shoulder a little shake and making him tilt his head back to look at me. "Nothing." He said quietly, offering me a wan little smile. This was Alex's way of saying 'something is bothering me, and I want to talk about it, but I don't want to make it easy, you'll have to drag it out sex beeg of me'. "So why so quiet and beeg .com dreamy?" "Just thinking about stuff." "Such as?" I ran my hand back up his chest to cup his beeg movies chin and prevent him squirming away from me. He blinked those beeg.com big, liquid brown www.beeg..com eyes of his at me. "Stuff." Alex gave a little shrug and a twist beeg sexxn of his head to get loose begg and beeg.c quickly shuffled round so he was facing me, pulling his legs up and resting his chin on his knees, clasping his hands before him. "Comfortable?" I asked, swinging my legs off the couch and sitting up straight, a scowl on my face. He gave another little halfhearted shrug and nodded at me. "Okay, so beeg-com speak, tell me what's on your mind." "Stuff." He said again, not beeg teen looking at me. "Alex..." I said, a little note of impatience in my voice. That was now the beeg tubes third time he had said that and I was getting annoyed, the more so beeg massage as whatever was disturbing him had made him move away from me. "I don't know." He said xxx beeg after a moment, realizing perhaps that my patience was wearing thin. "Just so much has happened." "I know, everything moved pretty milf beeg quickly, huh?" I decided to be sympathetic as beeg.con I knew that Alex hadn't anticipated or really been beeg jepang prepared for everything that had happened between us. That said, I had missed www.beeg the warning signs as he had been so bouncy lately, and had really been taking the beeg-com https //beeg.com lead propelling us from one landmark to the next. "It's not that. I'm happy with how things are going." He reached out to take both my hands in his gentle, warm grip. "Really, really beeg video happy." "So what's up?" "I don't know. milf beeg I just have a beeg xxx lot to think about, I guess." He tried a little smile. Alex's nervousness about some things could be very endearing, but I beeg com. sometimes found these mood swings a little tedious. "Alex, you're not answering me. free beeg I can't help you if I don't know what's bugging you." I punctuated my words by squeezing his hands. www.beeg "I know, Ry. I just don't know what I'm trying to indian beeg say, so I don't know beegs that there is anything you can do." tube beeg "Okay, I understand. But don't shut me out, okay?" "Never." He assured me with a broad toothy smile. "I mean it, Alex." "I beeg com. know you do, but so do I." "Good, just as long as you realize that I'm always here for you." "Of course I do." He rocked forward onto beeg mom his knees, kissing me on the lips and sta beeg com.